Thursday, December 31, 2009

random feeling before 2010

Well, i have no idea what to post here. I just got home after last service on this year and weird feeling came afterward. I am thinking about many things these hours. Raining outside but i'm glad, because it means less fireworks (or even none). I like to watch fireworks in the sky, the only thing i hate is its "mesiu" smells. It covers all home even in our bedrooms. So, no fireworks i hope until midnight, so i could pray with my family without any interuption.

I texted him on afternoon. Told him what i feel and wished him a great new year. He has a good plan for next year and I pray for his best. God bless him and I know He blesses me even more. God is so great! Even in my worst condition. He cures my pain, He knows me well. What makes me bad and good. He is a best helper in every situation. (Mulai ngalor ngidul).

This 2009 is a big year for me. For good, better and best things. For bad, worse and worst things. For health and sick. For smiles and tears. For friends and foes (thanked God, less than friends hehe). For many new stuffs and lost (though i forgot things i lost in this year). For short hair and (going to be) long and curly hair (back to nature). For new born babies and death people. For marriages and divorce (i knew no one, just guessing someone). For me and still me in a better package.

So, i come to the last thing in this post
Welcome to 2010, fellas. God bless us all :)

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