Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Gift

I finally met my family,except babeh,on Cengkareng yesterday. We went to Medan at 1.30 pm by Batavia Air. The thing is, finally Batavia Air has an air bus to Medan. What a big plane,made me remember my own experience on Singapore Airlines. Cool! I gave them my Christmas gift, a box of chocolate from Dapur Coklat. Remember my post about it? I picked a chocolate cake before I went to airport,also bought this one. It consists of some chocolate,white,dark,and fills with blueberry jam. We love it! Mom and brothers ate it on the plane too,while me took a sleep. They all love chocolate. Unfortunately dad got nothing,because they've finished it before we met dad in Medan hohoho.. I'll buy it again someday,great chocolate for my great family:)
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