Tuesday, November 24, 2009

when i missed my bandits

Everyday is a blessing from God,but today i wasn't felt it was a blessing, because of two things. I won't reveal yet remember it,huff.. But, one point for sure, i really really wanna make up my day, so i chose to had my 'me time' alone today. And i chose GI as the best place to visit, i forgot when was my last visit there hehe..
Then, i made my own day by having shopping spree alone,tested some dresses and shirts, then bought them hehe.. Read some books, searched for one book, please trust me, i never found it! I've been searched it on 3 gramedias, but yeah, still 'gigit jari' so i ended my gramedia's visit by purchased a ruler hahaha.. My old one is still good, but not good enough to make a perfect straight line..
I strolled the mall, found a magnificent David statue on its WM, i captured it by phone, i'll put it tomorrow here due to i used bb for this post, am too lazy to turn on the lappy hehe..
The last but not least, i had my Green Tea Blizzard by Dairy Queen, still lovely as before hihi.. I miss that cup of ice cream:) after i felt enough colling down, i texted my bandits and was extremely happy when i received their smses..
I smiled a lot in Food Louver hehehe, it even doubled with mom's call.. Whuah, no more sadness for today hehe..

So, i guess i am ready enough to be a strong girl tomorrow, yeah i have to fight for my own self worth, and i'll gonna prove it!
Anddd, still have tons of curiousity with my Xmas and New Year's plans.. Mom won't let me know until now huhu.. But, no need to worry, cause i'll be fine with them:)

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