Saturday, May 8, 2010

back to malory towers

 Malory Towers's new version package

Just like another Saturdays, i went out to have some outdoor activities. I changed my blackberry's trackball, a lame story, huh? Yah, i abandoned it for a long time and finally made it today. I also had my quickly taro, plus our super fried chicken, KFC. One thing, today is my day. Really.

Then, i decided to go to Gramedia, bought papers and a book from Margarittta. Not a real name, i read her blog since last year then i knew from someone's blog that she had published her books. So, i was looking for her books, before i saw in a bookshelf between Indonesian' teen novels, this lovely package. Malory Towers and St. Clare, the whole series. My old novels, and the first ones i collected!

I loved Malory Towers and St. Clare, both are from the famous, Enid Blyton. They didn't change her signature, but the whole cover were changed. They're not what i remembered on my old days, in elementary school. They showed an old cover, a girl or two, describe the whole story. I still kept them in my bookshelf in my room in Manado. Ah, i missed them. So, i bought the series, now i bought the Malory Towers, after i finish them, i'll be back and bought my favorite twin sisters in St. Clare. Ah, Pat and Isabel, i miss you.

ps : i started to write a short story after i read the series of St. Clare. they made my old days in the elementary school was great. my parents always support me and brothers to buy books than toys. but now, they have no idea where to put all of my brother's comics. hahaha..

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