Thursday, May 20, 2010

treat me with sushi (mori)

Well, it's not someone who's treat me, but i treated myself some portions of sushi last Monday. Since i've got fever from last week, i tend to eat whatever i want and i want sushi suddenly. It's like an insight. I had an interview at 4pm in Starbucks MTA but i text her (my client, just call her like that) to meet me at Central Park. I changed my mind, i need sushi than a cup of coffee or frappucino. So, after class i went to Central Park, but she wasn't there yet so i ordered hot chocolate at J.Co. Yah, i broke my promise not to drink coffee and it's friends hahaha.. But, for my better health, i should break it, right? 

She came after 1 hour late, than i asked her to move to Sushi Mori. We ordered some sushi and cold ocha. Here's what we ordered before we had an interview.

yamato roll. sticky salmon, philadelphia roll

look at their beverages' list

Overall, both, sushi and interview are well for me. They both made me happy and relieved. I've got many information related to my topic and many advices to be listed in paper. But now, i still have to analysis the interview and also do its verbatim. Keep fighting dear me. The Sushi Mori itself was a nice place with good sushi and good prices. Ah, if you mind to go to Central Park and you're a student, use your student card to get 20% discount from Sushi Mori. Treat yourself with sushi :))

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