Sunday, May 16, 2010

share the meal

call us trio from Tarumanagara. why? we are the closest friends (in location) among all of our Manadonese friends who continued their college in Tarumanagara University. anddd, we are friends since elementary school, me and Loloy since grade 1, while Mamon entered our school on grade 5. me and Loloy  were also lived in the same complex  in our childhood before we moved out. thank God, He sent us to the same university and somehow we could help each other in some cases, though we took different majors. that's why we often went out together to have fun, like yesterday.

we went to Grand Indonesia, just to have lunch and window shopping. but, in fact, we did lots of conversation there! we killed the time by chit-chat-ing and it was all fun. remembered all good times, what we are doing in this semester, about our dreams in the future and how to pursue it. gotta cherish that moment, guys. it was our real mature conversation ever. not to mention we are old. hihihi..

me and Loloy


where we had lunch

we felt a bit unsatisfy with PdW's portion of meal. yup, we weren't full yet.  so, we went to Food Louver to ordered something to be eaten and we found this huge portion of meal. Korean Family Set by Mr.Park was the one who made us satisfy. we were full already. we shared the meals and as you can see, the set was consist of katsu chicken with sauce, chicken wings, rice, salad, pasta and mihun. the taste wasn't bad. one lady even came to our place and took it's picture. hahaha. what a funny moment. now i know where to order Korean food in GI. definitely will go there again, to taste another Korean food. but, i wish it'll happen with Loloy and Mamon. hey, let's meet up againnn :))

not my portion, of course hehehe

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