Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mamon's Mini Concerto

I had a terrific night with friends yesterday. One of my close friend in Jakarta, Mamon, invited us to see his first concert, with his choir, Vita Voxa Choir. They were celebrating their birthday and if i'm not mistaken it's their 7th birthday hehehe.. Congrats to Vita Voxa, so does Mamon!

guess where is Mamon? hehehe

Syl, Ing, Loloy, Thio, Mamon, me and Desi

Overall it was a great mini concert. Not in a big hall, around 400-ish guests came and they had strict rules. They weren't allow us to come in and out every time, but after one song has finished. Well, not a good thing for me because i arrived first and others' tickets were with me, so i was out and in for several times. Yeah, we came for 3 different sessions. Hahaha.. But we enjoyed it. Thanks to Mamon. 

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