Tuesday, May 4, 2010

should i blame the bad weather?

 it's readyyy

I promised myself to turn off this laptop after i finished this post. I had a bad headache since noon until now, though i've taken a nap for about 1 hour and yummy dinner. Oh, please headache go go away. I beg you. I hate it when my body gets weak in crucial week, like now. Anyway, today is a great day. I rocked my presentation. The 3 of us showed our best and our lecture and the whole class appreciated it well. You know, my lecture's son just passed an operation yesterday, but she came to campus to teach us. I prayed to God for her son's recovery. I know she loves him so much, she even cried in front of the class while telling about her son. Ah, i hate to see a mother's cry though she's not my favorite lecture, but she's a mom. She loves her son with all his condition and proud of it. I heard some bad news about her son months ago, but, i don't mind it now. Get well soon dear strong boy. 

I also went to Oakwood this noon and bought daddy's birthday presents-to-be. Mom called me last week and asked me to buy a thing for daddy. I was err, dislike her idea, but she kept telling me the main reason and finally i agreed and now i've bought it. I wish i could buy something nice for daddy but later i bought a purse for mom, not for daddy hahaha.. Ah, i know what i gotta buy, won't reveal it now. Until i got it, fellas. I've packed mom's request and its ready to be sent tomorrow. I hope it wont be break into pieces :))

Finally i finished my lomo roll. I was taking photos in front of Bellagio Mall before the security came and told me not to take picture. Hahaha, so embarrassed. Then i picked a taxi and went home. Yah, i took some pictures inside the taxicab during traffic of course, how i hate Kuningan all day. Some were token by Desi, who'd accompany me this noon. Both of us were tiring and sleepy. Extra headache for me. Ah, i gotta sleep now. I miss my quality sleep. This period hurts me actually, and it gave me no option but sleep. So, let's sleep. Not to blame the bad weather, but do something to make it better, right, fellas? Like sleep :))

>> i played Glee ost over and over again. What i heard most were (You're) Having My Baby and Can't Fight This Feeling by Finn. I love his voice, so tender.

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