Friday, May 28, 2010

call it experience

I am tired. just back from Cibubur after had seafood for dinner. yeah, sounds i am a bit unwell to have dinner outside Jakarta. tons of homework are still waiting for me to be done, but me (and friends) are, you know, kinda escape from them for a good reason. like these days. but i'll hit them right after i finish this post. i have many random things about these days, like i list below.

  • i went to my faculty's pensi. took pictures with yukata (traditional costume from Japan - to take a bath, hahaha), also with some costplays. the theme was Japan, so they have some Japanese stands there, like yukata, washi and origami. unfortunately, i didn't watch it all, because i went to 2 different places while the show was happening.
 arlene and me in yukata

  • fell again for this sweetheart, Jake Gyllenhaal from Prince of Persia. i was like playing PS while watching this movie. it was one of the game actually. 
  • had Manadonese cuisine after survived from Jakarta's traffic on a night before long weekend. i'm sure you don't wanna know about it, as i wont talk about it either. hahaha. a great one, full of cakalang for me plus pisgor. hihihi..
  • my friend gave me a shocking news this morning. his room was robbed of his gadgets and school stuffs. huff.. 
  • so i went with him and one friend to had dinner in Telaga, Cibubur. first we went to meet some friends in MKG 3. but he wasn't as cheerful as usual. he's a bit stressed and it's normal. but, i think, we had lots of jokes for tonight and he was happy with that. hihihi. to be stress, God will give you better things to replace it.

the sad man

 view from our table

 we are the clowns to cheer him

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