Tuesday, November 4, 2008

dari Lukman

This morning i have a Personality II class (Kepribadian II) with Lukman. Because he had something he to ask me, he moved next to me. Then i asked him, why he'd never text me more, and he said because i'm not using XL hehe.. Actually, i know exactly it is the reason why, but just hoping he will "ngeles" to me hehe..

So, after debated his question i ask him to pay me, then i took my note and pencil, wait for him and his "wangsit" to give me some magical words. FYI, Lukman is the only man i know who loves philosophy that much, and even collect some magic words from forum in internet hehe.. He also loved Shakespeare and his famous masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

Here is some of Lukman's magical words..

Tuhan memberi pelangi di setiap badai
senyum di setiap air mata,
berkat di setiap cobaan,
lagu indah di setiap kesunyian,
dan jawaban di setiap doa..

Di dunia ini, kita bukan mencari
orang yang sempurna untuk dicintai,
tetapi mencintai orang dengan
cara yang sempurna..

Thanku, Lukman

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