Friday, November 7, 2008

rOOm swEEt rOOm

I am alone today, if i can clearly say i am alone all these days in Jakarta. I woke up alone, i toke a bath alone (hehe, i just wanna make it a lil bit hyperbola), ate alone, doing everything alone, think about everything alone and so on. It makes me love my 201 room in Tawakal Ujung Raya 24 so much. I share my tears here, sadness, and love also.

But, last night(s), i missed my own room in Manado. I miss so much, i miss my bed, miss my bathroom, miss my wardrobe i leave on Manado, i miss all the stuff. I just miss Manado, miss mama, miss papa, miss Sintong and miss Daling. Huh, i don't like this feeling at all, makes me got a headache (last night i got a headache, and i just guess it's one of the reason why).

Actually i don't know i miss them or not, now i'm crying cause i can't go back to Manado on Sintong's SIDI. And i just don't know, when will i fly. Huh, i hate this feeling. Why mama always late? Why i always the last to know everything? Why?

So, now i just can cry on my bed, in my 3x3m room sweet room. Enjoying everypart of it, cause, i have left all my feeling in almost a year here. I like it, i love it, cause it's all i have. Here is my life, my feelings, my stuff, my everything.

view 1 : doors, textbooks,hang up clothes

view2 : food spot and wardrobe2

view3 : shoes, wardrobe1, make up

view 4 : entertainment spot - tv and laptop

view 5 : my eeyore and comfort short bed

Hoping night comes earlier today, i am so tired, i wanna rest it so i can enjoy my next trip for tomorrow with loloy. Now, i wanna back to campus, meet Arlen and Desi to catch busway to have an interview in Panin Tower, next to Ratu Plaza. I really wanna have fun today, get a ticket, enjoying the interview, get a call from abang (i just need it, really), get a sms from mama and the others maybe, just need it..

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