Sunday, November 16, 2008

love them :)

Desi captured me and Arlene at Hollywood Toilet

I'd like to tell all of you that i'm soooooo happy today. Woke up in the morning with a grateful feeling, thanked God for giving me one more day to celebrate His mercy on me, by loving them. I took my phone texted happy Sunday to mama, papa, Sintong and Daling. I have no idea when Sintong replied it. So suprise :) Then we texted about 5 or 7 times, made me wanna hug him, uhh, love this feeling. Then, abang texted me, too. Got a big surprise, it's was a first time he greet me happy Sunday first, since my first week in this term, i'll cherish it, bang. Thank you. (Makasih dah sabar ngeladenin Anna yang manja banget, makasih ya..)

Just arrived at the Harvey Nichols

After i said i wanna go with friends today, abang agreed, so me and Arlene went to Desi's crib, have a lunch on Kantin Solo, picked a bajaj to bring us to the busway shelter, and here we are on Grand Indonesia, The Shopping Mall. We arrived at the Harvey Nichols, remembering Ibu Mieke's stories about that store haha.. After that, we were looking for my Forever 21, got it in UG, looking for some walet, and guess what, it all sold out!

So, we just bought Kak Cheryl's present on her graduation day on December7, me and Desi will come there, and she asked us to bring her a present hehe.. Kind of wanting a sister actually hehe.. After that, we walked around, walked and walked then, we got home. So tired but i have to go to church on 6pm, got to be ready in 1 hour, cause me and Arlene wanna have dinner before.

Love you all, -Anna-


cakyoudee said...

Wauw...bener-2 cantik luar dalem nih..!

A.M.C -- Anna Mau Cerita said...

yg cantik Grand Indo-nya kan?
whos there?