Friday, November 14, 2008

have fun in fX

I believe that fX stand for fun Xtatement, for the Xtatement i have no doubt, just guess the "f" actually haha.. I went to fX today with Inggrid and Arlene after our Perkembangan II class with Ibu Riana. Wah, it was a cool presentation, i felt so much comfortable, she and all the class made me have no nervous, i liked the bloody-energetic-learning process like that :)

we used batiks, we hold same books, we rocks the class together

After that, in my good mood,i agreed when Inggrid asked me to go to Menara Dea at Mega Kuningan first then go to fX to have lunch and do some window shooping, and lately i realized i can't do window shopping in fX, cause it fulls with restos and cafe. This mall is quiet small i think, but lovely anyway hehe..

thanks for "mas", whos captured me, Ing and Arlene in front of the "seluncuran"

I got surprise with my weight, still 57kg, no lose kg and it made Ibu Nanik surprisingly, but, not in happy but in sad mode, wah, feel a lil bit guilty actually, but i can't help, Bu, this migran hurted me so much, i can't help it too. Then, i promised my self to do a healthy life without consummate any kind of "pil pelangsing". God, forgive me, mama papa, forgive me..

So, back to fX, we have lunch at Green Pepper in fb, i have my nasi hainam dan ayam panggang, so lovely, but i dislike their sauce, too sweet for me. Inggrid and Arlene have nasi hainam dan ayam chairsu, both of them. We talked about GAP there and also my new crush, R - can't tell bout him yet, guys, still blank about him haha..

They agreed that GAP isn't suit for me, he's not mature enough to make me mature too, yeah, age doesn't state it, guys. But what can i do? Huff, he never ask my condition, just keep miscall and miscall, i know it's not miscall, but i hope he will surprise me with a simple sms like how areyou, de? Can he make it? God, i want it badly, to make sure my feeling on him and to be return, what happened and what will happen between us?

After finishing our lunch and refund the e-ticket, we went to watch Quatum of Solace
by James Bond, a complicated one, cause none of us liked James Bond anyway haha.. We kept asking one another until the film end, whoah, even the main idea of that film is unobvious for us haha..Still confused, we went to Bali Deli, to looking for some imported stuff there. A lot of milk, fruit, cheese, even sushi and salmon. Mm, a heavy price smart market in town, guys.

We choosed to back, i was curious bout a traffic jam, and it's true guys. After i picked a Express Taxi on Tower 11, Apartment Taman Rasuna (Inggrid's crib), me and Arlene spent for just-2 hours in taxi and have to paid for Rp75.000,- Whuah, it's so expensive. But i'm glad when we arrived in here, i can rest my body. I'm so looking for a quality sleep, hope i can get it tonight, Amen..

(mama suprised me with Malaysia planning tour on 28 up to 2 Jan, uhh, confused and i also won't to answer any call or reply any sms from GAP, uhh, still BETE ><.. )

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