Thursday, November 6, 2008

miss it!

today, i woke up with a guilt, i didn't study well for PPD test today. i now, i supposed to study last night, but i was too tired, so i couldn't study and the most important, i WON'T study. suddenly i lose my will to reach high point on that subject, don't know why. i love the teacher, Henny Wirawan is one of my favourite lecture in Tarumanagara University, or if i can say, one of the best teacher all over my education career. hehehe..

then, as i have predicted before, i ended PPD class like a dumb. i hate myself n feel guilty to my parents cause i won't try hard to study or even finishing read the paper. huff! finally, i lose my feeling to study in Psychology! i feel i do nothing, i just study to get point, or if i have test, and after that, buzz, i forget every single part of that subject. whoah, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

after i finished my 88meal for lunch, i texted my mom about the ticket on Dec20 and gonna ask her what color of "kebaya" will she wear on my bro SIDI on Dec21. and guess what is her answers :
1. his SIDI will be held on Dec7, which is i WON'T BE ABLE TO COME!
2. our church Christmas celebration will be held on
3. now, i'm confusing bout my ticket, which is will take on 20 or 21th Dec
4. uhh, just BETE for that 3 things!!!

now, i have to do my homework for the next week, as usual, a lot of homework to do, a lot of paper to do, a lot a time to do that, and i hope i have a lot of energy to do that, to prove my skill as a psychologist to be and making my parents proud on me.

God, please bless your daughter..

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