Tuesday, November 4, 2008


aku dan mama di ratusan pohon pinus

Mama sakit lagi. Bukan karena hujan, bukan karena angin puting beliung, bukan karena apa, tapi karena miom itu lagi. Sekali lagi mama bermasalah dengan "hal" itu. Huff, dah dari lama dibilang untuk operasi, seingatku Januari 2007 kita dah pernah diskusi tentang kemungkinan itu di Singapore tapi sampai sekarang realisasinya belum jalan.

Mm, i'm getting more curious now, eventhough i don't know exactly what she feels. The only thing i know, mama hopes she's get better as soon as posible, but her womb is sweld, so she cannot do operation on these days. At least we have to wait until next month, but i suggest to do operation in January in Singapore so i can accompany her. I wanna be on her side to face it,i wanna know the preventive things about this cause.

Then, in the afternoon, gap texted me and said he doesn't felt well, he might have a cold, because this whole day he worked on outdoor. Yah, they made me sad, yeah, in a real definition SAD, because they cannot do their activity as well as usual. Hope they are getting better, mom especially, now i'm truly miss her.. Uhh, hope December is tomorrow, so i can pack my bags to go home hehe.. I miss AM 114 and all the people there so much now.

It's getting late, and i still have homework to do, huff..
Get well soon mama n abang,

God bless ya! ^^

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