Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hate that i want him badly!

Why i say i hate that i want him badly? Huff, i just can't get the answer yet, i'm not fall in love with him yet, i just want him to make me feel special as he have promised me, can't him? I can't resist that i want it, want it, want it. Yah, now, i've got it, but not in my way, it's on his way. Uhh, boy is sooo complicated and makes us frustated everytime.

Why he always late?
Why he always childish?
Why he always "aneh2"?
Then, why i have to think about him?
Why i have to check my hp everysecond i can?
Why i have to mad on him??

Anna, try to think he's your nothing, and you are his nothing. Realized that both of you are imposibble to be a couple. But, this feeling is so unpleasant, so ridiculous, uhh, so terible :(

Have fun, Na, there's a dozen milyar man will love you hehe..
I love this wonderful life, and it's tiny dust like him will means nothing..


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