Friday, November 28, 2008

this week isn't mine

angel-agina-anna in Rumah Mode's fitting room

EXHAUSTED - for several times i said it today. I am so exhausted now. I have no will to do anything but talk with abang. Someone who really close with me now, but so far away. Told me that his father got malaria and his curious feeling this whole day. What will happen? God, i just wanna sleep tonight, enjoying my quality sleep, wake up tomorrow with a new spirit, now hope and new Ana ^^

TIRED - the anteceden of exhausted. I have arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday. Have to finished Pendidikan Paper for Wednesday. Then, prepared my last quiz on Pengantar Psikodiagnostik. Have a walked with Angel, Thio and Egen. Have to instructed Angel's mom in her way to bring us to Ciputra Mall. We have dinner too in Rice Bowl, Ciputra Mall. And also, Herlin has been hospitalized for 3 days on St. Advent Hospital in Cihampelas, Bandung. Hwuah, poor of you,dear. Get well soon ya..

Herlin, u have to get well soon, okay? =p

HAPPY - from Saturday (last week) to this Tuesday (this week) i went to Bandung. Enjoying the day, spent a lot of money. Whuah, what should i do, papa and mama? Happy to brought Amanda Brownies and something cheesy from Kartika Sari (don't know the name hehe).. And here's the list what i've bought from Bandung :
1. My Eeyore and friends bedcover from BTC
2. My yellow dress and stripes blous from BTC
3. My most-expensive-ever Christmas dress from Rumah Mode
4. 3 t-shirts from Distros over Jl.Riau
5. Tiramisu Brownies from Amanda
6. Chessy sticks from Kartika Sari
7. Kaori from Me, Icon at Ciwalk
8. My victorian bag from Ouval Research
9. My new Cutie Pooh Umbrella

- mm, if i'm not mistaken, thats all guys hehe -
me and angel bought gift on d'gift

STARVING - Then, on Saturday, me, Loloy and Angel have a trip to Grand Indonesia (again for me?!) and it's neighbour, Plaza Indonesia. Both of them was so happy there, took some greatest and norak photos hahaha.. So funny,guys haha.. After that we have our breakfast-lunch-dinner at the same time by having buffet in Hartz Chicken Buffet at Taman Anggrek Mall. Hwuah, from too starving became too full. Bad grammar i think hahaha.. But, i know that all of you can understand it well, am i wrong? hopefully not hehe..

angel, me, loloy on China Area, GI

SCARE - for UAS to come and have come now! I still have a lot of homework to do from some subjects, God bless me.. I know i can handle, but, i need You, Lord to accompany me all the time. Love You, much.. Now, i just wanna say, i think i'm in love, but please let me ignore it until we meet. Semua indah pada waktunya, abang sayang..


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