Sunday, November 9, 2008

a day with loloy

Yesterday I went out with Loloy. I promised to woke her up at 9pm, but i was in phone with GAP, so i haven't waking her up until 9.30pm and i have to prepare my self too. I arrived in her crib at 11.15pm but still have to wait her finish until 11.50pm, and catched a P6 bus in front of UNTAR. We have a great conversation in that bus, until a "pujangga" came and tell us his poem, the BEST COMPLICATED POEM i've ever heard. I love poem and it's essence, but i didn't get any essence in his poem, sorry guys :(

Anyway, i felt hungry, so we choosed to have a lunch before we shopping. We went to Rice Bowl, if I'm not mistaken in 1st floor, choose Paket A and a strawberry juice (no ice no sugar) for me and avocado pearl for Loloy. We talked about a lot things there, from my bored point in university, our mom, GAP also, bros and so on. Yeah, eventhough Loloy is untalkative one, but, she is a good listener, good commentator also, especially in fashion hehe..

me and my new kaffiah

After we eat, we went back to Centro Department Store there, and didn't get want we wanna buy (shoes, actually), it was so crowded there, so we moved to the other side of Centro, then, we found these kaffiahs hehe.. Not as good as i want, but i bought it already haha..

Got no place to go, we catched taxi to go to the next destination, Metro Department Store in Taman Anggrek Mall. I bought 2 pieces dress from TheoryX, and was happy with that, cause it's almost a day walking and i haven't got one hehe.. Happy with that dress, i will use it at Christmas hehe.. And the best part of that day was my new "gantungan hape" hehe.. So sweet for that price hehehe.. I loved it :)

thanks for this shopping trip, Loloy

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