Monday, August 24, 2009

anti ALIEN

I am a bit confused how to tell my last Sunday (yesterday) experience. I'll make it on a list, i guess, because i am laughing my self now, remembering the last but sentational thing! hahahaha

- i went to JPCC to had their second service with my sisters, and they had a great preach (Australian' preacher) about God as daddy and judge. I love it, it was meaningful, since i had a awful week (my God, it's still my first week!) with a heavy heart and mind. God bless me, Amen!
- then we moved to Plaza Senayan, to had lunch, if i'm not mistaken it called Din Tai Fung, shared everything there as i wish a week before. Oh, i loved them both, they listened my stories, prayed for my best, as we prayed for each other too. God bless them, Amen!
- had another chitchat on Starbucks after window shopping on Metro and Sogo, a long one about our family and next plans about many things. We are looking for a flat shoes for Kak Ime, but, we haven't got it, so me moved again to Senayan City to watch District 9.
- nah, it was sentational one! I recommended no one to watch this movie, especially if you are phobic on "kecoak". I don't know "kecoak" in English hahahaha.. It was a strange movie, about alien, but the aliens looked like "kecoak"! Trust me hehehe.. This movie was not a good one, and i am suddenly felt that they have to agree at first with me to watch The Proposal, since many people said it was great. But, most of us was single (8 persons, maybe) so, watching a comedy-romantic movie wasn't a great idea (poor me huhuhu).

But, after all, i loved my Sunday, i loved my sisters, liked their friends (which one of them said that i am looked like an Indian, whatt???), enjoyed food and movie, Senayan itself (hahaha, i loved Senci, minus i didn't have a DQ in there huhuhu), but it all was fine. Looking forward to see you soon, kak. Happy bday, Kak Ime :)

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