Sunday, August 16, 2009

'First Sunday'

Today is Sunday before i start my 5th term. It also started my 3rd years in Jakarta. I'd love to say it 'first Sunday', so i had past twice 'first Sunday' but it never this terrible and painful.

First Sunday on 2007, many people greet me good luck and success. I was currently still on phone with my ex, so he still accompany my first nights here. I have to thank him actually, because i haven't yet. Thank you. I remembered Winda, a girl from Lubuk Linggau, was the one, who cheered me up. My mom remembered Winda well too. I can't remembered well, who'd greet me on that Sunday. But, it was a lot. But the biggest supporter was there with me, Mamah :) I started my first day with mom, until the 3rd days and she went home again. I'll cherish that moment, i'll check my calender later to find the current date on my 'first Sunday'

First Sunday on 2008, i remembered well it was August 10. Mamah was with me too. So, we went to church together and continued to Mangdu afterward hehehe.. Many people greet me good luck too, especially from someone. And he kept greet me for the next semester, and for my great IP, i thanked him a month ago.

Today, First Sunday on 2009, i spent my day alone. After i felt so down, and had a very bad experience about something, i still gloomy today. But, thank you for Desipus, Angel, Inggi, Thio-san, Syl, Ando, bang Ferdy, kak Gaby and my whole family, they strenghtened me. My Almighty God especially. For the bad time and good time, i thank HIM.

And i know, the next two 'first Sunday' will be greater than today. As i planned to finish my college in 2011, i have two more 'first Sunday' and i have to cheer them. To make them meaningful, not just a whole-cry-day-to-spend, because it still happen this year. I never stop cried on the church, regreted what i've been in the previous year and hoping so much that i can do much greater in the further. So, I am ready to start my new term, and also will fulfill it with fun too. Happy 'first Sunday' fellas :)

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