Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mom vs ice cream

I had a very great day with mom today. After has been starving the whole night, we went to Rice Bowl to had our early lunch. I missed my "bebek panggang" and mom wanted her guave juice while i just have watermelon juice plus no ice and sugar. Can you imagine how its like? Hehe.. After that we swept all floors in Citraland, wanna find something for daddy while waited for mom's bag to be finished. Something happened with that at the time, so we wasted our free time in J.Co. I had J.Cool for the very first time, and sorry to say, to all Sour Sally lovers, i tasted J.Cool better than Plain Sour Sally. Really!hehe.. I guess it consists with lots of milk, that's why it taste better in my tongue. But, their mochi tasted similar, or i can say the same mochi. Everytime i went to Sour Sally, the only topping i wanted was mochi, great mochi ever hehe..

Then, we went to Siloam Hospital to meet my aunt, and had such a long chitchat there, while i always refused to be 'something' this October. Oh, i hope i can find my new bf so i can refuse it easily. But, it will make mw facing another 'something' if i introduce someone, wah, quite a weird problem to solve, huh? Let me think later, all i wanna think about good things for the next week :)

Finished our chitchat, we moved to Senayan City. And you know that they had my Dairy Queen, but mom insisted me not to eat ice cream at that time, because i had eaten many ice creams. If i'm not mistaken i spent my previous week with single Cornetto Mini, or two hehe.. I never regreted myself everytime i ate them, so i continued eating it day by day. And i just realize, i am getting bigger now! Nayyy!! After many times people asked me to eat a lot, here i am on my 1kg fat added hehe (bener ga tuh grammarnya?hahaha). So, i have no ice cream for today, just a yogurt and mochi. And the biggest thing for today was my mom's CROCS! Hahaha, finally one of us bought it. Daddy wanted it too, but i thought daddy won't use it, too weird for daddy. But, my mom liked it, felt comfortable and liked its color, not a shocked color one. I was almost buy it, but, i guessed a dress or two and a shoes sounds greater than just a-funny-sandals like CROCS. We laughed a lot there, because me and mom firstly disagree to buy it, we hate actually hahaha..

We ended our journey today with had early dinner in Senci, and met Judika and his gf, mom was thrilled. She admired Judika with his humble heart, she believed that Judika is a good Bataknese man. While his gf, Duma Silalahi has a-long-family-connection with me, and she even had slept in my grandpa's home when she was in high school, as my aunt said me. Well, nice to meet them too, mom kept asked me to take picture with him but i refused it several times because it thought they both had deep discussion with their friends and expected no one will bother them. So, we went home, and now i wanna sleep because i'll have another great day tomorrow. And 2 sad things will follow this blog, one Mbah Surip died this noon, knew it from Tora Sudiro first, i thought it was a joke, but i read in Insert and had to believe that it was true. Suddenly i miss Enos, we often sang his song when Enos went out "rewel" hehe. And now his gone, so, good bye. No need to gloom, at least he had proved that he is useful man to his family with his popular song "tak gendong". Well, nitez fellas :)

-no edited actually-

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