Tuesday, August 18, 2009

finally UP!

I planned myself to watch this movie from the begining of this month. First with Daling and Mama, but, i haven't watch it. I just watched it today, finally UP! I love this movie, so meaningful :) Suddenly i am gazing on my newest schedule, a terribe one, whuah, i have no break, hoping so much, my further weekends will be great, so i have more time to 'sweep' malls or go to cinema hahaha.. But, if i have time or if i get bore with college time, i'll do it more often. Actually it seems i'll have a very hard semester for my the sake of my early graduate, but, i'll do! With some fun to keep me UP! x)

Ah ya, when i was googling UP! poster, i found Upin and Ipin poster. Have you ever heard about them? They was human-cartoons from Malaysia. They are funny, with their Malay accent, looks, hey, you have to watch yourself to know them more. It looks like Unyil in Indonesia actually, but, in very good manner and 'religion knowledge', as they was actually like a guide for kids to learn about religion, life and Puasa to Lebaran. I wanna watch them again, eventhough it talks about Moslem thingy, i just love their manner as a kid, two thumbs up!

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