Monday, August 3, 2009


Hai, bloggie. Sorry because i can't post many things here as i wish i can, due to i can't blog from laptop until the middle of this month. So, i decided to post important ones for me. Yesterday after had service, me and my family ate out at Ayam Lesehan Semarangan. Have you read my post about it? And, we requested ayam goreng, gudeg, soto ayam, sop buntut dan tahu tempe bacem! Hahaha, all of us felt goddamn full, i even couldn't sit "lesehan" so i moved to a table with Sintong after i washed my hands hehe.. And for today, i went to Green Garden Restaurant to have my Nasi Goreng Babi Bakar and Vanilla Ice Cappucino while waiting for Darling to come and join us. It was my last meal in Manado, because i headed back to Jakarta today by Garuda Indonesia.

And here i am, after swept my room, made it more clean now, i gotta sleep. Because tomorrow, me and mom has many schedule. And i planned myself to watch UP 3d, anyone have suggestion where do i have to watch? I've watched it once in Manado actually, but i want to watch it in 3d, it will be greater i bet. So, can't wait for tomorrow, beside i'm getting hungry now, seriously hehe.. Oya, last good news, i have a nephew now! And it means, i am an aunty now hehe.. So happy to know about that, hope i can see the baby soon or in October. Well, off for today, good nite :)

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