Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the other one

I don't know why but i can't edit my previous blogs, which i wrote and post by phone, so, i decided to post a new blog to make my last post clear. Last night, i said i have 2 sad things, one is about Mbah Surip sudden death yesterday, and the other one is i can't blog for two weeks or more, due to something really important. I can't tweet either. Is't it a sad thing? I hope i can post something today as my last post for these weeks, but i hate to post by phone. My laptop still not with me and i won't be able to take it until next 2 weeks. So, i just can enjoy my days with my beloved one, while i also will check my ym account, because i am waiting for someone to reply my message hehe.. I don't know it is good or not for me to make him enter my life after someone broke it and i still can't think well about our problems. All i know is i have my own life, and i have a full right to let someone enter my life, or out of my life if they are not suit on me. I'll have great days without blog or tweet ( i still hoping i can tweet real soon). It's all for today, if i have laptop back i'll edit my posts and promise to put pictures of my beloved ones there. Enjoy your day ya :)

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