Sunday, August 16, 2009

relieve weekend

I woke up yesterday by mom's call asked me about meeting my sister, Imelda, today. She was about going to Lampung, visited her nephew (our actually) Davon, who'd born on August 3. Actually i want to ask her to go to church with me today, but, she couldn't join me so i just met her to give 'seragam' for our cousin's wedding on October. So, me and Desi went to CL to meet her on Jco. I also told her, why i wanna go to church with them. With this labil emotion, i need someone older and wiser than me, and i could find it on Kak Ime and Kak Kiki, but, both of them busy this weekend, and i regreted myself, why don't i tell her previously so i can also join her very-short trip to Lampung, because the main aim is just give Davon a visit.

After that, me and Desipus had Naicha (Desi's favourite drink ever!) as lunch. The meal also, i have no complain about it, i am not in my good mood, for just to request something to eat or drink. About 1p.m., we headed to Thio's home to pick up my lappy and Education Psychology book. Stallone joined us. We forth had fun there, argued Shireen Sungkar and Alyssa Soebandone, meatballs (me and Stallone dislike meatballs, while Thio and Desi love it, iyuuu) and watched Take Me Out Indonesia. It was my first time watched that show, really. I am not a TV fan, i just watched programs which i knew before, so i watched it there. We argued there about some contestants, laughed and teased one another hehehe. Suddenly it turned out night, so me and Desipus went home, and i had dinner myself and watch Troy before slept(i watched it several times already but never finished it hahaha).

For this Saturday, i can say i love it. It was really a relieved weekend for me :)

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